Knock-down armoire in cherry

I build my armoires like post-and-beam structures. The joinery is mortise and tenon. The pegs that secure the joints are not glued in. By removing the pegs, one can disassemble the entire structure so the sections can be moved piece by piece and put back together at another place. The carving is based on a tree that was in my customer's front yard and that she grew up with.

The design style is Arts and Craft and Chinese.

22" deep x 66" high x 44" wide

Price of armoire alone: $4150

Price of armoire and carving: $4600

Stereo cabinet in mahogany

This cabinet is Art Deco in style and is a replica of one that my customer's great-uncle build in the 1940s. He wanted two of them, one for each of his children.

13" deep x 24" high x 22" wide

Knock-down armoire in walnut

This armoire is built just like the previous one, with removable pegs for disassembly. The design style is Classical. 

24" deep x 83" high x 53" wide

TV stand with Gothic tracery carving

This cabinet fitted my customer's wish for a TV stand. He wanted it low and the width of his TV with an interior that would house television appurtenances, such as DVR player, cable box, woofer, and a VCR player. The cabinet has a removable shelf (not shown here). The carvings are based on designs he saw at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

Walnut (door), hard maple (case)

19" deep x 19 1/2" high x 43" wide

Price of TV stand alone: $495

Price of TV stand with carving: $1645

TV stand, with door open

Sideboard cabinet, in cherry, with carved doors

This sideboard is based loosely on a cabinet designed by Charles Sumner Greene. His cabinet featured his own carvings on the doors and bottoms of legs. The door carvings on this cabinet replicate those on a 16th-century French cabinet. The leg carvings are the same as Greene's.

18" deep x 38" high x 36" wide

Price of Sideboard alone: $2660.

Price of sideboard and carving: $3540

Chest of drawers, with floral marquetry and recessed pulls

cherry case and walnut drawers

16.5" deep x 42" high x 36" wide

Credenza, with woodblock "plates" provided by customer and enlayed into the left and right doors. She used the plates to make woodblock prints. The pulls are from offcuts of her plates.

Walnut, dovetail joinery, euro hinges

18" deep x 32" high x 48" wide