Wall-hanging of a Celtic cross.

9" in diameter

Price: $450

Door panel of an armoire. See the whole armoire under "Cabinets."

Chinese design for the top of a

 display table.

See the table under "Tables"

Buddhist endless knot, symbol of eternity, for the top of a coffee table. See the table under "Tables"

Door panel on TV cabinet. See the whole cabinet under "Cabinets."

Wall-hanging carving of a green man

15" in diameter

Cabinet door panel. See the whole cabinet under "Cabinets."

Wall hanging of Philadelphia fire mark, maple and mahogany

3/4" deep x 13" high x 10" high

Fire marks were phenomena of eighteenth-century Philadelphia. Insurance  companies would "mark" houses covered by their policies. These fire marks featured a background of wood, the company's logo in metal (usually lead), and the customer's policy number, painted beneath. If the house caught fire and had a company's mark attached to it, the company would put out the fire. If not, too bad! The image here is of the fireman's lift, four hands joined together. I like it because it symbolizes help, solidarity, and cooperation.

Price: $480, with your choice of numbers painted below the carving.


2 feet wide, 3 feet tall, 1.5 inches thick

For the memorial garden of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Asheville, NC. The cross is on the outside of the door that opens from the garden to the sanctuary.  Sapele is an African wood similar to mahogany in color and durability out of doors.