Writing desk, in cherry (top) and walnut (base), with inlay of the Staff of Aesclepius, symbol of the medical profession.

This desk was commissioned by my family doctor. He wanted the image to show leaves sprouting from the top of the staff. I found the one here on a website for tattoos. I told him he could have one on his upper arm as well as on his desk.

32" deep x 29 1/2" high x 53" wide

Price for desk: $2195

Price for desk with inlay: $2790

Stand-up desk, in walnut, with inlay of a red-tailed hawk. Commissioned by a high school principal who had trouble sitting for long periods of time. The hawk is the school logo.

31" deep x 45" high x 46" wide

Price for desk alone: $2095

Price for desk with inlay: $2625

Lap desk, based on the one designed by Thomas Jefferson, on which he wrote the Declaration of Independence. In walnut. 10" deep x 3" high x 15" wide. Although I did in fact make the desk shown here for a customer, the best place to buy one is from David Beach, owner of Whispering Woodworks. He is an outstanding woodworker who specializes in Early American furniture. For this desk he charges $750, an amazingly good price.