Size top to bottom is 41 1/2" tall x 22" wide. Bottom shelf is 9" deep. Top shelf is 4" inches deep (not including the bar, which is 3/4" inches deep, a total of 4 3/4" from front to back).

$595 for this size.

I love these shelves.

The design is Shaker. The size is easily customizable as to size, depth, number of shelves, species of wood, and overall appearance. It can be made lighter in weight and look by using 1/2" thick wood--the wood here is 3/4" thick--and by making it smaller.

The shelves are attached to the wall with french cleats, two long pieces of metal with holes for screws. One piece is screwed to the wall, the other to the bar behind the top shelf. The one on the bar slides into the one on the wall, creating a very strong connection. The cleats are not visible from the front or sides.

The joinery of the shelves is sliding dovetails. With a spot of glue for each shelf-end, the dovetails make a very strong joint and eliminate the need for screws and a back to hold the unit together.